The Audience

I nicked this. It’s originally a Nora Ephron story:

“Here’s the press release,” said the journalism tutor.

“Brian Smith, head of Southwood College, announced today that the entire college faculty will travel to Brentwood next Thursday for inset training on coursework management with media students. The course is a mandatory module for professional development, and is aimed at enhancing the college’s facilitation of learning outcomes. Keynote speakers will include Prof. Colin Haywood, from the National College for School Leadership, and educational psychologist Maurice Stern.”

“Now,” he said. “You’re on the college newspaper. Write the story.”

The student wrote the story – dropped the jargon, made the abstractions concrete, tightened the intro.

Top education experts will tell tutors how to teach average students better at a seminar next Thursday…

… she wrote, and handed it in.

The journalism tutor read it through.

“Wrong intro,” he said. “The intro is ‘No college next Thursday’.”

It’s always the audience.