I am a lizard

I’m having fun.

The James Randi Educational Foundation movement is organising its first Amazing Meeting outside the US and I’m doing the PR (like this press release on the TAM ticket frenzy). Called TAM London, it’s got a killer line up – James Randi, Phil Plait, Jon Ronson, Ben Goldacre, Richard Wiseman, Ariane Sherine, Simon Singh, Brian Cox, Adam Savage, Tim Minchin.

If I believed in gods, these would be them.

Skepticism is really growing in the UK – there are loads of talks in pubs etc, and the conference sold out in 10 mins – 500 tickets at £175 so my main thing is to get the word out. And for once I have time before the actual event.

There’s also a couple of really cool ‘event’ type things being set up that I’m not going to detail, because I’m now one of the ruling elite, party to the secret conspiracy which keeps you, yes all of you, under the cosh.