You too can make £££s out of cranberry sauce

At the De Montfort university Screenwriting day on Saturday, Neil Mossey, of ‘Kate Modern‘ (an online drama, m’lud) pointed out that us nice liberal Guardian reading types quail at the nasty realities of funding online drama. It boils down to 1. Sponsorship, and 2. Product Placement. I quailed. He tried to quail, but everyone kept asking him about it. He was a quail fail.

I will get to cranberry sauce* in a minute.

The quailing, in the end, is probably not justified. Sponsors and Product Placers know they can’t be too crass or viewers will haemorrhage away to watch lego skateboarding hamsters; we understand that wafting some branding in front of the camera here and there is the price we pay (literally) for free content, just as DFS ads are the price we pay for Inspector Morse on ITV3. It’s just How Life Is.

The alternative is letting the BBC run the internet.

The photo thing – my Coit Tower pic on Schmapp (see below) – worked out, btw. And I put the ten minuter play in for a competition in St Ives and it’s got through to the next bit, which I’ll hear about in April.

*Cranberry sauce. When Delia Smith used cranberries on telly, demand went through the roof, so it’s not as if product placement doesn’t happen by accident anyhow. Why shouldn’t we have the benefit of it?