Following the tumult of celebrity exposure of what turned out to be one 30 second sketch on the BBC’s Recorded For Training Purposes, I’m now on one of their follow up courses for ‘promising’ comedy writers, in London next month. So at least I’m still ‘promising’ rather than ‘tolerated’. More importantly I guess, I’m on the BBC’s radar, in a very low level, could-just-be-an-errant-starling kind of way.

In other news: I’m doing the De Montfort University MA Course writing day on March 7. A couple of years ago I hosted one of the Q and A panels, but this time I’m merely a prole and have to pay. Promising, see.

Oh, and one of my photos from San Francisco, of the Coit Tower, is shortlisted to be on some tourist guide website called Schnapp.

I took it on my 40th birthday. Promising, you see.

Coit Tower, San Francisco

This is the picture...


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