Oh. That was it?

The Sketch went out last night on Recorded For Training Purposes. All glorious 30 seconds or so of it, shorn of punchline by the script editors, which may or may not have been for the best. (It’s the parental IT helpline one, since you ask).

Lots of textual congrats from friends and family who I’d made damn sure knew it was coming up, and quite a lot of ‘sorry, missed it, is it online’ too.

So yes, it is. Here’s the link to the iPlayer version and here’s the show’s bit of the BBC site with my credit on it. They’re only up for a week.

I’ve (hopefully) got a couple of others coming in subsequent weeks too. Hopefully.

Back On The Chain Gang

I’ve got Back On The Chain Gang playing in my head, and not just because it’s pretty much the first week back working. I’ve been learning it on the fab Indie Telecaster I bought about a month ago and its jangliness is sticking.


Anyway, good news from the BBC. Looks like I’ve got some sketches on Radio Four’s ‘Recorded For Training Purposes’ show (actually that link’s to the last series), which did an open call in November. One’s been recorded already and the others are being done anytime.


No idea about the broadcast date though. I’m only a writer.